August 8, 2008

When it comes to relationships, do you really get everything from just one person?

“The one” is said to be your best friend in the world, someone you can discuss anything and everything with, the first person you’d call in a crisis, someone you can depend on no matter what, someone you trust completely and someone you have a physical, spiritual, mental and emotional connection with. But do all these qualities really come in one person?

For true fulfilment in life, do we need all these things? Can we really get them from one person, or do we mix and match all the people in our lives to feel some sense of completion?

1 Person for a shoulder to cry on
1 person to make you laugh no matter what
1 person for sexual satisfaction
1 person for dates out on the town
1 person to kick back and watch movies with
1 person for love
1 person to show off to your mates

To achieve fulfilment, do we need to have well and truly OPEN relationships?


6 Responses to “Relationships”

  1. MANDY Says:


    i believe you can get all that in the one person, but then to have more than one person makes life more fun, more “liveable”. =P

  2. superficial cynic Says:

    of course you cant get all that from one person. y do u think people whore around and some wanna bang anything that walks. sure one person may provide u with all of it but will it ever be enough or to a satisfactory level?

  3. christina ftw (: Says:

    ditto mandy (:

  4. fatmannz Says:

    You can never get enough outta one person. There may be one person who you wanna spend the rest of your life with but there are others around you for your enjoyment and to have fun with. There is no point in having one person to depend on. Thats just not how life works.

    Hell you might even get a person like that. But is it really worth it? One person to just spend your time with and hang out with. That is not living! You need others in your life to help you… Not just your significant other.

  5. Jenny Says:

    Hi Susan! Wow, you have a blog too? I’m assuming this is all from the influence of Mandy’s SUPERB BLOGGING SKILLS? YAY, THE BLOGOSPHERE IS GROWING!

  6. essjaybee Says:

    im inclined to agree with everyone

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