Dream Dictionary

August 9, 2008

Recently I found a dream dictionary next to my bed but have found no use for it. Mainly because i seem to be dreaming about pokemon lately. I am skeptical towards the idea that all the words in this dictionary seem to have a symbolic meaning. Some i do understand, but i can’t help but wonder if someone just sat down and made up a whole bunch of bs [and why i didn’t think of that first!]

I’ve decided to put this dream dictionary to the test. I will open to five random pages and pick out the first words i see, collaborate them into a dream and see how this book seems to interpret them.

Homosexuality [this book must be rigged] -this dream suggests that our unconscious is a place where identity is less cut and dried than we may consciously experience it to be.

Pumpkin – this bright orange vegetable is associated with halloween and with autumn. In your dream it may symbolise the coming to fruition of a plan or idea.

Stars- We associate stars with ambition and destiny

Fountain – A dream of a flowing fountain is a sign of life, health and our ability to express our emotions fluently.

Urine – Urination represents the control we have over our bodies and emotions.

So if i dreamt of homosexual dressed like a pumpkin falling from a star into a fountain of urine, it means that its my destiny to have an identity crisis in autumn while having control over my fluently expressed emotions during my identity crisis?

Dictionary of dreams – yae or nae?


4 Responses to “Dream Dictionary”

  1. superficialcynic Says:

    Nice hypothetical dream. However, you are the only one that can know the true meanings of your dreams. The only purpose for dream dictionaries, or dictionaries really these days to clobber someone over the head with it as its the closest object which is nice and think and definitely able to bring pain.

  2. leximon Says:

    Where do you find dream dictionaries?!?!
    I’ve always wanted one, they seem perfect for a laugh.

    Dictionary of Dreams are like horoscopes, completely bullshit.
    Its a nae for me.

  3. MANDY Says:

    susan’s becoming me. i dream about pokemon all the time 😀

  4. Theresa Says:

    NAE. Dream dictionaries are 100% BS and you should not ever rely on them. I once dreamt about having a cactus farm. I felt the urge to check up what it meant, and the meaning of the dream was completely irrelevant and unrelated to my life.

    Don’t trust these fortune-y things, they feed you false hope and make you feel like you’re a step closer to understanding the meaning of life 🙂

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