Why are big Boobs so important?

August 9, 2008

What the hell is with guys and big boobs? Ok i get the whole ‘instinct to mate with the reproductively gifted’ side of thing but the extent of this issue is far beyond just that.

As i attempted to google myself an answer to this mind-boggling question i came across numerous answers-

  • Media has exploited the idea of large breasts as the definition of womanhood, sexual gratification and femininity.
  • We don’t have them and they’re fun to play with
  • Because small boobs make males feel like pedophiles
  • Cavemen believed big breasts can nurse more children and the instinct became ingrained in guys DNA.
  • Yes we like it generally. Sucking n squeezing them turn us on.
  • Big boobs and wide hips are special features that tell men instinctively: Fertile female, good for breeding
  • It is how we assess female’s fertility, genes, general health, and ability to nurse children, so that we can know which ones are worth our time when looking for females to lay seed in.

Personally, it’s fucking annoying! Do you have any idea how it feels to walk down the street and have a million guys staring at your chest, beeping, wolf whistling, pointing you out to their friends etc.  ?

I suppose some girls like the attention, but i definately do not. I have resorted to wearing baggy clothing [especially on school, filled with teenage boys] so much so that when i was with a best friend today she said “i never realised how skinny you are”.

I feel disproportionate. I can actually fit into size 8 clothes really well [even size 8 jeans] but my chest is just there out of nowhere – KABLAMO! Yes, mine are excessive and guys may like to watch girls with such features run, but for such girls, it’s extremely painful! [Assuming they’re real of course]

Another annoying part of this is buying new bras. Bought b cups, theyre all gone. Bought c cups, they dont fit. I had to upsize again and it takes a lot of money to buy these clothes they wont fit in a few months again anyway.

Big boobs – You like them, you can have them. I don’t want them.


13 Responses to “Why are big Boobs so important?”

  1. Theresa Says:


    && that thing about big boobs. I think that everyone wants what they don’t have. People with curly hair want straight hair and those with straight want curly. People with light skin want darker and darker people want light skin. Same goes with boobs, people with smaller boobs want big boobs.

    As for guys, they have no boobs, which is why they like big boobs 😉

  2. MANDY Says:

    aww. poor you =( i will never understand :D:D

    LOL. beeping their cars and wolfwhistling at you. i hate it when they do that, IT’S MY JOB !!

    not like i have a car, nor can i whistle very well =P

  3. big boobs arent important. they are just more noticable and guys are often looking for the first thing they can possibly bang (except in ur case it will probably mean a slow and painful death for them) if they get that far. todays society has conformed to the image and is also now preaching that “bigger is better” this doesnt only apply to girls and we all know that. also the desire for big boobs also fuels the cosmetic surgery industry. without this people cant become rich

  4. fatmannz Says:

    LOL well girls want guys with a big dick… Whats the difference?

  5. leximon Says:

    Thy get your mind out of the drain. Or however that saying goes.
    We’re not all like that!!!

    “We don’t have them and they’re fun to play with”
    Rofl to that.
    Seriously i will never get why guys like our boob so much.
    Of all things, obsessed with lumps of tissue =_=

    Honey i feel for you. *hugs*
    Wanna help me convince dick, much to his belief, that mine are small?

  6. Kym Says:

    Wow. This is a great post. 😉

    But you don’t get teased in changerooms. I remember once hearing: “Shit! You have a flat chest.”

    Don’t worry. You’re just fine; it’s probably because of people like me who are polar opposites (not a good thing) that you compare yourself to.

    I will try to bash any person who harasses you. 🙂

  7. the10ofhearts Says:

    Don’t worry. I will never prioritise your boobs over you. Remember, without you, your boobs will cease to exist!

    But you’re right, what the hell is up with that obsession? They do realise that boobs aren’t all that interesting right?

    Much love – and as far as the harassing thing goes, I’m probably one of them 😛

  8. travellove Says:

    okay i totally understand what you’re saying, im a 32 F, and still growing, but im not at all fat, i have small hips and waist, so it looks disproportionate, i wear a bra that makes me look more like a c or d, but still. it gives major backpain. But you got to look at the pros too. Such as how smaller boobs wouldnt feel as soft and nice, its what God gave you and theres going to be a guy who loves you for you, and will respect you but also love the size of your boobs;) Plus, if it gets to be WAY to much pain, you COULD get a reduction. the key is to just love yourself exactly the way you are and have confidence. Hope this helps:)

  9. travellove Says:

    oh but the cost of them are CRAZY. 115 for ONE BRA, like sheesh. it gets up there

  10. Anonymous Says:

    Jesus, I can’t even get changed in the change rooms without all eyes staring at my chests.. like hello? my eyes are up here… They arent even big, but chicks just love comparing!

  11. Nelly Says:

    that’s not even true!

    most “aks” sites are filled with answers like “nipples are more important”, “the sensitivity is more important”, “the face is more important”, “the personality they’re attached to matters”.
    and basically I gotta say, I agree!
    I’m flat chested, can’t wear anythig above an A, yet I can’t complain about not geting any attention.
    In my experience, it really doesn’t matter how big they are.
    – guys stare at them anyway (even at my tiny ones)
    – it’s not that guys are interested in the breasts alone. your chest is a part of a woman’s body and if guys like that woman, they just want to take in as much of her appearance as possible. (again, I can attest to that, since I have something like two mosquito bites where my breasts should be)

    the fact with big boobs it just, that it’s something very noticeable. If you walked by these guys, flat chested, but wearing a marvelous red dress and great hair and everything, they’d whistle too.
    and actually, they look at women and notice them even if one is wearing a grey pant suit.
    I understand that you’re annoyed, because, while the dress and the hair is a choice, your breasts aren’t, but don’t let yourself be annoyed. You don’t even have to care about the stuff they’re saying. So they’re staring, so what? does that take something away from you?
    just be cool, that’s all…
    why should you let some guys annoy you?!

  12. Shaun Says:

    Well, part of the issue is that big boobs move a lot and you can’t easily hide it. There is an instinctive movement of the eye towards movement (by both sexes) probably dating back to when humans were hunter/gatherers and needed fast reflexes to catch their prey.

    It often takes a conscious effort to keep looking at a girl that has large boobs in the face when she’s jogging towards you due to the enormous amount of motion going on just inches south of her chin.

    Luckily for guys it’s really easy to hide our penises. I’m sure if a lot of guys were running around in thongs there would be a lot of attention down there, whether the girls wanted to look or not–they’d probably have to look away or close their eyes to ignore it :).

  13. Boob lover Says:

    I have to be honest,big boobs are the most important thing to me in a woman.the bigger the better.
    My last girlfriend was the same way,she was a 48jj (natural) and when I first met her I didn’t realize how skinny she was because she always wore very baggy clothes to hide her boobs.

    After we were together for a while she told me how much she hated her boobs and how heavy they were and how much back pain they caused.

    Heavy or not,she was so incredibly hot.

    Every girl I have been with has had to have enormous melons or I can’t even get excited about them.

    I know you say you don’t like having big boobs,but I am glad you were built that way,women like you are the most beautiful in the world.

    I love your big boobs.

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