Selectives vs. Communities

August 11, 2008

I don’t understand this pointless war. The communities don’t like the selectives because they think they’re boring and nerdy, and the selectives don’t like the communities because they think they’re lame and stupid. But in the end, aren’t we all just people?

Why is it that these people judge each other by the streams in which old men in ugly suits placed them? And yes, this will sound sexist, but we all know it’s mainly the boys. So really, is testosterone just another word for easily-provokable?

Whilst talking to a friend in selective, who shall not be named, she stated that the communities were more likable. In a joking manner, i suggested it may be because the communites spend more time getting laid, and the selectives have too much built-up sexual frustration from spending all day playing video games, but don’t tell them that.

In a recent event, a fight between two people, one with mostly selective friends, the other with mostly community friends, it almost came to an outbreak of war. If a selective had a fight with a community, would it really divide the whole grade so sharply? My group of best friends is mixed, some selective and some community. How would a S vs. C war affect others in a mixed group situation?

Why is it that these two categories of boys hate each other so much? What really happened the piss them off? Is all of this because they’re different in some way? The bottom line is people are people, and we shouldn’t be judged by the groups some old guys in ugly suits and horrific ties put us into.


11 Responses to “Selectives vs. Communities”

  1. superficialcynic Says:

    Care to share who this friend is (i think its one of the twins). This whole selective vs community thing is all pointless bullshit. Its as simple as if people get along, then they do, if they dont then they dont. A selective vs community war could be fun. I call dibs on the rocket launcher.

  2. MANDY Says:

    you’ve almost convinced me that being a chick is better buuut not quite :]

    all that testosterone-fueled anger would make a nice change to PMS

  3. the10ofhearts Says:

    I think Sefton High School has just rendered George Bush’s justification for invading Iraq obsolete. If “war” really does break out, I’m sitting on the thing that we pass off as a school fence, and calling myself Switzerland.

    (To John) You’d think that after four years of high school they’d be on lax terms. And John, one of the twins has a name 🙂

  4. essjaybee Says:

    Actually both twins have names. And i’m friends with two sets of twins in our grade. And the friend was not a twin, nor a TJ-GASMI, nor lily. No further information will be given on her.

    Ps. The school fence has barbed wire.

  5. Kym Says:

    Susan, this is too funny, the whole “war” thing.

    It’s also painful to know that I got robbed of $15 a fortnight ago from the girls’ changerooms. (Yes, a bloody selective student did it.) I will blog about it soon…

    From an Asian parent’s perspective, academic students are obedient. Thus they deduce that students who fall behind are rebels.

    It just all depends on the individual, but perhaps some observations are correct.

  6. fatmannz Says:

    HAHAHA GO Kym! I have a few friends in communtiies and they all changed 2 selective… Its because the communities try wayyyyyyyyy to hard during sports… We try to have fun and they take over… Just relax and it will be okay… And they don’t like us selective cause a lot of the time we act really smart even when we aren’t lol… I know selectives aren’t that much smarter than communities… And communities are serious rebels. Just calm the fuck down and it will all be okay…. Relax and chill and we can be friends…

  7. fatmannz Says:

    BTW Testosterone is nothing compared to PMS lol… You girls are way too emotional with PMS etc… Far out… You girls need to calm down 😛

    So hypocritical yelling @ guys for being easily provoked when you fly off the handle at the smallest things….

  8. leximon Says:

    Franchesca consider your population of Switzerland: 2.

    Honestly, a war?!?! PFT. Its basically an excuse for them to all hate each other.
    I say let them be, and let them “kill” each other. As long as the fights stay with them, im cool. Then i can just sit back, watch and laugh at their stupidity.

    YO THY. Communities and selectives both have their flaws and their both human. So leave them alone =_=

  9. cerebralcorset Says:

    Girls have the rights to be ‘bipolar’! 🙂
    And Alexis I second your notion on watching and laughing, now anyway. I’ll bring the popcorn.

  10. fatmannz Says:

    Alexis did u read my fucking comment at all? I put both sides of the argument in there. Communities have preconceptions that selectives are up themselves. Why the fuck is that true? We are selective but we are all seftoners. Fucking calm down. I’m just saying… They are too aggressive at sports… My glasses have been wrecked several times by communities going all out and flailing their limbs around. Fucking control your actions… As for us selectives, we shouldn’t be dragged into a fight that we can’t be fucked to fight. If we fight it then I will personally bring dick in battle with me. See if you can watch the fight then.. Lets see if you can laugh

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Perhaps if selectives didn’t boast regarding their “good” marks so much and how shit communities are, maybe they would consider being friends.
    As a community student, I am going to find it tremendously hard working with selectives in year 11, of how much they have all scarred me with your vain boasting about your “good” marks.
    And fatmannz, communities ATLEAST represent the school in knockout competitions!! Fark, not everybody has to represent the school with good marks… What do you expect us to do? When selectives always get first priority, selectives get all the main teachers while we have to put up with subs ALL day and bludge and not get any education, and fail our tests and yet, we still have to hear you bragging about your marks!

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