Who can you really trust in the world of high-school? Is it even possible to have a friend that won’t betray you if the opportunity arose? Of the entire grade, there is a total of 6 people i could trust with a life-or-death secret; Mandy, Nazan, Lily, Aimee, Jenny and Christina.

How is it that you can feel a sense of security, only to to feel the force of the inevitable betrayal looming behind you, waiting to crash-tackle you to the realm of lonliness and betrayal?

High-school is the world of the most self-centred beings that proceed to call themselves human. One problem; humans have souls. In a world where bullying is water and gossip is oxygen, chaos is the democratic form of existance.

How could I be so naive as to believe these people were friends? A friend; someone to be trusted, relied upon, there when you need them. A friend is the one who comforts you in situations like these, not the one who causes them.

What is this situation? Groups of people gathered at the cricket nets dicussing what i do or don’t do behind closed doors with my boyfriend. Some I can’t be angry with as I don’t know them well or talk to them, and if they wish to talk about other people having a life in comparison to their petty gossip-dominated existances fine; build your life on that of other people, but it is from those i considered friends that the betrayal originates.

What if i did have a secret on this scale? What if i did have sex with him and told those i considered to be friends, decent people. Instead of spreading vicious, demeaning rumours, would they reveal my deepest and darkest secrets to a grade who feed on the events and experiences, the triumphs and depression of others? How do i know who i can trust? Is it even possible to have any true friends?

Sorry? I don’t believe it possible to TRULY mean that word in this context.  To mean the word ‘sorry’, you are implying that the instance will not reoccur. Gossip and betrayal are the building blocks of this world; you stab someone in the back and from there on, it only gets easier.



Dont tell me you’re sorry cause you’re not
Baby when I know you’re only sorry you got caught


Don’t demean me by apologising now, you’ll do it again… and again… and again. You may not want me to feel upset, but you sure as hell aren’t sorry.



September 11, 2008

In many teenage lives, most girls strive for the same thing. They want to be recognized, they want to be popular… they want to be hot. “Hot” is just a little 3 letter word, yet it can put so much pressure on our already complicated lives. But what really makes a girl ‘hot’?

I resorted to the obvious mathod of obtaining an answer – googling.
“Slim body. Nice shiny straight hair. Big boobs. Cute face. Nice legs.”
Hot = looks/sexual desire
 Beauty = looks & mind
“Hot implies a more visceral sexuality”

“Hot is like a swimsuit model; lean, maybe a little tanned, with perfect hair and confidence (as well as a unembarrassed sense of self image) to spare.”
Skin – tanned, unblemished, unbroken, tight.
Curves – hourglass-shaped, wide hips, thin between ribs and hips, long legs
Weight – No loose hanging skin, flat stomache, toned muscles, not scary-skinny
Ass – no explanation? “nice” doesnt narrrow it down much.
Face – pretty features, blemish free, not a hair out of place, long hair
Boobs – massive, tanned, firm, revealed

Hot involves having all these characteristics. So now i dont know if it is possible to call anyone hot, and im pretty sure no-one in the grade fits all these characteristics, thus no girl in the grade is hot. Please correct me if you can find someone who is all this, anywhere.

Basically for a girl to be hot she has to have long straights hair, pretty face, large boobs, skinny waist, noticable curves, tanned skin, nice ass [so explanatory], confident personality and slutty clothes. Seriously, how much do guys expect? This girl.. isn’t real.

The skin is a perfect example of media mind-control. Women everywhere obsessed with being the perfect colour. Spending hours in the sun developing melanomas or undergoing the so called ‘Michael Jackson’ surgery to defy their heritage and birth colour.

Why is society so superficial? Why do we judge solely based on the image placed before us? But i supposed the number one question would have to be, why are girls judges so much more often and harsher than guys? Gender equality will remain a myth until testosterone becomes one … TRANSLATION: Girls are basically nothing but a sculpture to look at and feel the texture.
This male-dominated society is disgracefully unjust and no matter how much awareness is raised, the problem will never be solved.The physical appearance of a girl can make or break her self-esteem. So if a gir has a high self-esteem based on her looks, a car accident could shatter her whole life. If a girl has low self-esteem, does she respond overexcitedly to a compliment, or does she take it as an insult, believing she is being mocked?
GUYS- Why do you judge us so critically?

“If you wanna be happy for the rest of your life
Never make a pretty woman your wife
So for my personal point of view
Get an ugly girl to marry you”