Eastwick was the greatest breakout show of 2009 and had the potential to be a massive hit- but the ABC network has successfully, through either incompetence or sabotage, stopped it dead in it’s tracks.

I am a self-proclaimed tv addict, and love many of the shows around. However, even I can admit that there are far too many crime shows, hospital shows and reality shows dominating most of the channels. Eastwick was a grear change of pace, and really refreshing to watc in our current television age.

The show, based on the John Updike novel “The Witches of Eastwick”, revolves around 3 central characters with supernatural powers, who somehow attract a mysterious man who enters their lives and changes everything.
– Kat Gardener is a mother of 5 with dominion over the elements (mother nature) able to cause earthquakes, wind storms, lightening and also has the power to heal others.
– Joanna Frankel is a journalist with the power to control men and telekinesis.
– Roxanne Torcoletti is an artist with a teenage daughter who the power of premonition and the energing power to read minds.

The show is largely a mixture of Charmed and Desperate Housewives – both of which have strong female leads. The following may include spoilers but I feel it important to list some of the many brilliant plot twists and events.

– The mysterious man, Darryl Van Horne, was in Eastwick a couple of decades prior attracted to a different group of three magically empowered women, but horrible events took place leading to tension between Darryl and two of the women (Bun and Eleanor), with the third being dead.
– Joanna discovers the local priest at a whorehouse, and when she exposes him in a story he kidnaps her and attempts to burn her alive.
– Eleanor appears to be crazy, and relishes in shooting at people and poisoning them, leading to their paralysis
– The dead womans son is in Eastwick, determined to kill Darryl Van Horne (with help from Bun and Eleanor)
– Roxie’s daugnhter was almost raped, and the would-be rapist is determind to toy with Roxie
– Joanna had a cruch on a co-worker for many of theearly episodes, who Kat kisses under the effect of the moon
– In discovering her powers, and going through a break up and divorce, Kat accidently strikes her husband with lightening, causes a mini earthquake to knock him out of a hammock and almost kills him and his new girlfriend in a wind storm.

The show has wit, humour, drama, action, romance deals with issues the viewers can relate to and adds a little bit of magic. Eastwick had (and still has) the potential to be great, but the ABC handled this masterpiece all the wrong ways. The only word to describe the shows publicity would be PATHETIC. The show barely saw any publicity, and after being cancelled after only a few episodes, had all advertising stop completely. It was aired in the Wednesday 10pm timeslot timeslot. Put these factors together, and you can’t blame the show for averaging about 5 million viewers.  Also, of the 13 episodes ordered, ABC decided to not air episode 11 or episode 13. If given the publicity it deserves, and a decent timeslot (perhaps sunday nights like Charmed used to be) then the slow could easily be the hit the ABC so desperately needs.

With the shows cancellation, the fans have launched their SAVE EASTWICK campaigns.

There was an eonline poll about endangered shows, and EASTWICK was/is the fan’s favourite to be saved

Which endangered fall show do you most want to see survive?

  • 7.5% Accidentally on Purpose (CBS)
  • 0.8% Brothers (Fox)
  • 49.7% Eastwick (ABC)
  • 4.5% The Forgotten (ABC)
  • 1.1% Hank (ABC)
  • 8.3% Melrose Place (CW)
  • 16.3% Three Rivers (CBS)
  • 11.9% Trauma (NBC)

Like almost every movement in the 21st century, there are multiple facebook and twitter pages devoted to it.

The SAVE EASTWICK campaign has even spilled out onto other networks. Particularly, the fans want to see the show on LIFETIME or the CW network. The little glimmer of home is that it is widely circulated, though I do not know the source, that LIFETIME has expressed at interest in picking up the show, and people were to send POSTCARDS to the network.

“Though ratings were not successful in the United States, ratings on Hallmark in the United Kingdom have placed Eastwick in its Top 5 every week”. Not to mention, the show hasn’t even begun to air in Australia. The Australian soapie “Neighbours” has less than decent rating in Australia, but it is successful with very intrigued viewing over in Europe. Family guy has been cancelled more than once, but it was saved after its second cancellation with the amount of DVD sales. The outlook for Eastwick isn’t that great, but there is still a small amount of hope among the devoted Eastwich fans.

If you google SAVE EASTWICK you will find pages and pages filled with countless comments of fans distress in wanting this show saved. It has set up brilliantly and could easily become a long running show with fantastic ratings. If only the ABC could see the diamond their just throwing away…

If you don’t advertise a new show, put it in a horrible timeslot and upset the airing without letting the public know which weeks an episode will actually be on, and which it will skip, as well as leaving out episodes (eg airing episodes 10 and 12, but not 11), you have to wonder if you’re even giving the show a chance or if you’re actually trying to sabotage it.