It was in fact my pets that inspired me to write such a post. In the domestic animal kindom that is my home, the chain of command is simple; human, dog, cat, mice. My alledgedly “biological sister” is too low to worth mentioning. But what if the C.O.C. is broken?

In a school situation, It goes Principal> Deputy> Head Teacher >Teacher >Students, but is this how it should be? Theoretically the system is flawless, but in reality, the standards are too low and some employees along this line are simply deplorable.

Principal. What really is the role of the person filling this position. Isn’t all they do give a final ‘yes’ or ‘no’ and kiss the arses of anyone in the Chain above them? It would be the deputy who maintains the running of the school, the head-teachers who maintain the department, the teachers who supposably teach the lessons and the students are there to learn. Any who thought of spelling it as princiPAL? This makes the word a contradiction in and of itself!

Teachers. With my school in mind, I don’t know where to begin. Ok fine, let us begin with LAZAL. Notice there is no title in the front. I reserve using a title for those I respect either as a person, or as a teacher, and the occasional slip of the tongue.

LAZAL – I believe his logic is the opposite to that of the Simpsons. When Bart went back to kindergarten, he said “Let me get this straight. We’re behind the rest of our class and we’re going to catch up to them by going slower than they are?”. The system sounds flawed but the Simpsons have it better than Lawal. Did bart not learn of the dish and the spoon? As opposed to hid 4th grade lessons where we all know he didn’t learn a thing. Going at a slower pace gives the students time to understand the concept. So with a lower class [who are unfortunate to ALL have him 2 yrs in a row, 3 for some people, first year for one (Danny that lucky son of a-)] LAZAL decides that rushing each topic is the best way for the students to improve their math. Thus proving, fictional television programs have more logic than a math teacher.

DUNKITTYDUDY – That old sagy mathai. Great for a bludge lesson, but being evaluated as a teacher, does not meet the standards. With his heavy accent, he decides that it would be best for him to teach by talking the whole lesson. He cannot control a class, community or selective, and only knows as much as the text books wil tell him.

MACKAY – the short one. In order to prepare a class for exams, he decides that it would be best to give the questions, mark the answers, THEN explain how to do them. What kind of fucked up order is this? He then decides to call a student in his class a loser [not me, he knows better]. He does know geography, i’ll give him that, but his methods of conveying the knowledge are considerably less effective.

DOLPHIN LADY – No i don’t know her real name, but I do understand why she’s just a relief teacher. Her voice and accent make people lean back and cover their ears, the sight of her black and yellow disfigured teeth and black leather pants make poeple shut their eyes in terror and her stench makes people pray to be knocked unconscious. Dolphin live in the ocean, water, clean… apparently she didn’t get the memo.

From examples such as those above, it’s easy to see why students are known to act out on occasion. The chain of command only works when the positions are given to those who deserve them and can do them well, not the first person they can force into it. And people wonder wht the schooling system is failing.

Chain of command – effectively ineffective or ineffectively effective?

Note: Some names may have been altered to avoid googling.