What the hell is with guys and big boobs? Ok i get the whole ‘instinct to mate with the reproductively gifted’ side of thing but the extent of this issue is far beyond just that.

As i attempted to google myself an answer to this mind-boggling question i came across numerous answers-

  • Media has exploited the idea of large breasts as the definition of womanhood, sexual gratification and femininity.
  • We don’t have them and they’re fun to play with
  • Because small boobs make males feel like pedophiles
  • Cavemen believed big breasts can nurse more children and the instinct became ingrained in guys DNA.
  • Yes we like it generally. Sucking n squeezing them turn us on.
  • Big boobs and wide hips are special features that tell men instinctively: Fertile female, good for breeding
  • It is how we assess female’s fertility, genes, general health, and ability to nurse children, so that we can know which ones are worth our time when looking for females to lay seed in.

Personally, it’s fucking annoying! Do you have any idea how it feels to walk down the street and have a million guys staring at your chest, beeping, wolf whistling, pointing you out to their friends etc.  ?

I suppose some girls like the attention, but i definately do not. I have resorted to wearing baggy clothing [especially on school, filled with teenage boys] so much so that when i was with a best friend today she said “i never realised how skinny you are”.

I feel disproportionate. I can actually fit into size 8 clothes really well [even size 8 jeans] but my chest is just there out of nowhere – KABLAMO! Yes, mine are excessive and guys may like to watch girls with such features run, but for such girls, it’s extremely painful! [Assuming they’re real of course]

Another annoying part of this is buying new bras. Bought b cups, theyre all gone. Bought c cups, they dont fit. I had to upsize again and it takes a lot of money to buy these clothes they wont fit in a few months again anyway.

Big boobs – You like them, you can have them. I don’t want them.