Well this topic started weeks ago but i really couldn’t be bothered until now. Everyone has been arguing about gender inequality with specific reference to body part sizes and hormonal impacts, so here’s what i really think.

PMS and TESTOSTERONE do not cancel each other out!  Wow, guys have testosterone and want to “bang everything in sight”, as John so eliquently puts it. But we have Oestrogen and Progesterone, which form PMS which is really, not a lot of fun.

Oestrogen and progesterone- I don’t know which one does it, but girls do get horny too. Considering we have two hormones for this, and have our own instincts to “mate” AND manage to control it, guys cound try a little harder to keep their mouths shut and eyes up once in a while.

PMS – is not a hormone. To explain it to guys, our emotions get fucked up, we feel like shit and get extremely insecure, our bodies to weird crap you could never understand and cramps hurt like theres no fucking mercy. Does testosterone ever do that to you?

Girls prefering larger penises and guys prefering larger breasts are not equal arguments. Larger penises can reach more places, cause direct pleasure and help with orgasms. Breasts cannot make guys blow their load, Jim from the American Pie series excluded. Besides, it’s not good if it isn’t in proportion. Girls should have boobs to suit their size, and a guy wouldn’t look too attractive with the large thing, springing forth out of nowhere, and besides, too big can be painful.

And yes, this will probably be interpreted as sexism and prejudice in some way, but men definately have it easier.