Ok too many times have i been asked over the last four years “what are the bases”. Basically its sex, and the stages leading up to it. So for those who don’t know

First Base: a FRENCH kiss. i.e. tongues interlocking.

Second base: TOUCHING. Touching of those regions where it is inappropriate to touch. There are three on a girl and two on a guy, you figure it out.

Third base: ORAL. Mouth + genitals [of another person] = third base. Can’t make it simpler than that.

Fourth Base a.k.a. [home run] : Sex. The furthest you can go with one person. Anal only count for homo-guys. Lesbians need “special equipment”, otherwise just plain old sex [ still a hell of a lot of fun though ] .

Also i get asked a lot of questions. So here are the synonyms for three basic sexual terms.

Sex: intercourse, fucking, doing-the-deed, banging, screwing, nailing, shagging, tapping, gettion it on, knocking boots, making love, doing the nasty, making babies, doing it

Penis: anaconda, boypole, cobra, cock, dick, sausage, banana, bat, stick, extension, cumrod, crotch, ding-a-ling, drill, dragon, doodle, ding-dong, equipment, pistol, flagpole, gadget, hammer, hotdog, jackhammer, knob, lizard, lollipop, missile, monster, manroot, needle, peepee, pickle, poker, prick, pole, plank, rooster, samali, snake, sperminator, sword, tail, tool, thumper, tummy-banana, tripod, viper, wang, wily, winker, weiner, wenus, zucchini, badboy, beanstalk, blowtorch

Vagina: Pussy, cunt, twat, unit, box, slit, gash,


6 Responses to “THE BASES”

  1. mrmandy Says:

    wtf anaconda? COBRA?! and i used to like snakes >.>”

  2. superficialcynic Says:

    boypole lol., never heard someone refer to it as a flagpole, or blow torch. but if someone calls it a needle or peepee, doesnt it imply a small one. i

  3. leximon Says:

    *alexis reads*
    *sees dick*
    *cracks up laughing*

  4. christina ftw (: Says:

    i ditto alexis (:

  5. fatmannz Says:

    hahahaha So immature 😛 hahahaha Pin

  6. bob the halal Says:

    LOL another name for penis.. ‘sperminator’

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