This page will be ever-growing. I just felt like having somewhere to list all of Tina’s classical quotes. Please comment with ones you can remember that i haven’t listed.

  1. Is fish poultry?
  2. Do teeth grow?
  3. OMG mandy’s sitting next to me [ she notices over an hour later ]
  4. OMG you mean guy’s ball actually fall off? So when they wake up they have two things just there in their undies? Do they grow back?
  5. Wait… You mean there’s an answer button on the calculator?
  6. My tights smell like aimee.
  7. I’m going to make a mental note *takes out post-it pad*
  8. Go away, you’re not a Jenny. You’re contaminating the Jenny-ness of my surroundings.
  9. Wait, where’s my mouth?
  10. OMG there’s a hill on the ground. Wait, it’s just my phone.
  11. Ow you’re boney. Wait, thats my bone!
  12. Susan: Jennifer, you gotta love my tree.   
    Tina: No, cause im here.
  13. John: Are you thick?  
    Tina: What?
  14. Your eyes are like those red things in Lord of the rings, only blue.
  15. Tina: 2 of my ankles hurt    
    Susan: No tina, you only hurt one ankle.    
    Tina: But both sides hurt, so thats 2 ankles.
  16. Aimee: Weren’t you the one that said is fish poultry?  
    Tina: YES, IT IS!
  17. I’m smarter than i sound!
  18. We sound retards!
  19. Susan: No tina, hobo is the gay one and homos live on the streets.
    Tina: oh! wow i always thought it was the other way around.


  1. Tina: Whats the capital of Austria? Jenny: GERMANY.
  2. Susan: Jenny, is fish poultry? Jenny: NO! and either is chicken!
  3. Z is for xylophone!
  4. Jenny: Did you and him used to go out?
    Susan: Yeah jenny, petro and I went out for four years in primary school (obvious sarcasm)
    Jenny: REALLY?!?!?
    [everyone laughs at her]
    Susan: How could you believe that?
    Jenny: Because you’re both aussie
    Jenny: No
    Everyone: Yes
    Jenny: Fine .. but he’s only half
    Susan: Yeah
    Jenny: So half aussie and aussie then.
    Susan: HE’S HALF ASIAN!
    Jenny: [pause] … OH!! thats why his hair is black!


Tina-like Quotes:

  • Nazan: Fly like a horse!
  • Christina: My door walked into me.
  • Christina: Hey look: Mummy and daddy make baby and sperm, and baby and smerm makes baby then babies and babies and……
  • Mandy: If you die, I’ll kill you!
  • Istabraq: Jeannie! Someone was… I mean .. I was looking for you!
  • Christina: But fish is poultry, isnt it?
  • Dhandapani: You are all talking at a million metres per second!
  • GATTOTS: ZOMG are you guys stealing a piano [whilst we’re walking down stairs with a cello]
  • Little friends: OMG are you lesbians? Do you suck each others dicks?
  • Little friends: NO straight is normal thats girl liking guy not guy liking girl!

8 Responses to “TINA MOMENTS”

  1. leximon Says:

    Is that all you can remember?

  2. MANDY Says:

    ah* i feel slightly insignificant after reading quote #3

    oh oh ! how about, I’m going to make a mental note *takes out post-it pad*

  3. christina ftw (: Says:

    meiosis is quite interesting (:
    when you look at the diagram right 😀

  4. Tina Says:


    i believe you have made a couple of mistakes

    1. is fish poultry did NOT originate from me XP
    5. i didnt say “theres an answer button on the calculator ?” i just discovered it
    6. the tights DID smell like aimee cause it WAS AIMEE’S tights. i borrowed it cause i lost mine i believe the correct dialogue was “these tights smell like aimee”
    7. when the hell did i say that jenny thing ?
    8. i’d like to clarify that my eyes were CLOSED when i said that
    9. its not “oh wait, thats my fone” i was sitting on my fone, which made me think the ground was higher

    so there XP

  5. Suzi-Jayne :) Says:

    no tina, you said they were your tights.
    you said the jenny thing to theresa i think
    the phone/hill thing i was there with a circle of witnesses
    the ppl that read this all know you too well and know this is a failing attempt to explain away tina moments.

  6. superficialcynic Says:

    u need to update this, everytime i need a laugh i just come here. it never gets old

  7. ANON Says:

    “Do koalas have dicks?” – Tina

  8. Antony Says:

    New quote: Do koala’s have dicks?

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