If you’re anything like tina phan, do not read this post.



Something that I have always wondered is what would be the best way to torture someone? It can’t be one simple method. Rather, a number of “special treatments” to make sure your purpose is achieved. These are some of the ones that seemed to stand out:



·      KEELHAULING, in the words of an NCIS director, is unpleasant. For those who don’t know what this is, the victim tied to a rope and pulley and dragged back and forth underneath a ship. So much sharp crap under the boat rubs their naked flesh raw, but drowning should quickly become their hero.

·      SCAPHISM, another boat one tet more sick and twisted. The victim is tied face up to the front of a ship. They are forcefed milk and honey to induce diarrhoea. They honey is applied to the armpits and groin then the ship sets sail. The diarrhoea and honey attract hundreds on insect which feed off, and breed from within, the victim.

·      THE POPES PEAR – a device resembling a pear would be inserted into a females vagina or males ass or mouth, then the handle would be turned, making the metal blades expand within the body. Ouch!

·      CHINESE WATER TORTURE –  The victim is restrained and has continual drops of water fall on their forehead in intervals of 20-30 seconds. Eventually the drops start to feel louder and louder as the victim starts “losing it”. The drops are also apparently supposed to hurt as well after extended amounts of time as bruising develops. All this means that the victim is constantly dreading the innevitable next drop which eventually drives them insane. It’s not reallypainful, but it’s pretty torturous.

·      RAT TORTURE – I think i first saw it in one of the fast and furious movies or something. Basically rats are in an upside down bucket placed on the victims stomach. Then the end of the bucket is heated up and the rats go crazy attacking the victim. Adding some kind of food may also be helpful.

 John : Many tiny slits then a nice long bath in salt water


3 Responses to “TORTURE TECHNIQUES! (:”

  1. MANDY Says:

    holy cow

    they sound fun. scary, but fun. as long as i’m not the one trapped in the situation 😛

  2. superficialcynic Says:

    wow, hate to get on ur bad side. keelhauling sounds fun do u know any volunteers?

  3. leximon Says:

    Pretty twisted, but very intriguing……

    i agree wtih john 🙂

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